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Dance Movement



Sabine Koch

Body Memory in Creative Arts Therapies

Body Memory is a major source of joy or pain in human beings. It is mostly implicit and one of the therapeutic factors of CATs. To access it brings embodied knowledge and wisdom to the therapy process.

The presentation will contain an analysis of body memory from philosophical, psychological, neuroscientific and clinical applied perspectives, case examples, and implications for the work of creative arts therapists.

Sabine Koch

Prof. Dr. Sabine C. Koch, Psychologist and Dance Movement Therapist, BC-DMT, Director of the Research Institute for Creative Arts Therapies at Alanus University Alfter/Bonn (RIArT), Professor of the DMT Master Program at SRH University Heidelberg, Germany. Embodiment, evidence-based research in CATs, therapeutic factors of creative arts therapies, Kestenberg Movement Profile. Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Arts Therapies (GMS JAT; Open Access Online Journal for CATs). She is part of the International Research Alliance at NYU Creative Arts Therapies Consortium. Contact:

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