Kossolapow line.jpeg

Line Kossolapow

email: kossola@uni-muenster.de

Member Representative for University of Münster, Germany

Member of Executive Board 1991- 2002

Vice Chair 1991 to 1993

Chair 1993 to 2002

Scoble S.jpeg

Sarah Scoble

United Kingdom

email: dramatherapy.sw@zen.co.uk

Member Representative 1991–2017

University of Exeter 1991–2005 

University of Plymouth 2005–2009 

University of Worcester 2009–2017

Member of Exec. Board 1995–2017

Co-ordinator 1995–2002

Vice Chair 2002–2009

Chair 2009–2017


Lapoujade C.jpeg

Christine Lapoujade

email: christine.lapoujade@gmail.com

Member Representative for University René Descartes, Paris 1991–2009

Member of Exec. Board 1991–1995 and 1997–200

Treasurer 1991–1995

Vice Chair 1997–2002

Chair 2002–2009

Evans J.jpeg

John Evans

United Kingdom

Member Representative for Hertfordshire College of Art &
Design 1991–1993

Member of Exec. Board 1991–1993

Founder Chair 1991–1993


Janek Dubowski

United Kingdom

One of the Founder Members of the Consortium Member of the Executive Board 1991-1995

Member representing Hertfordshire College of Art & Design 1993-1996 Member representing the University of Hertfordshire 1997-1998