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SATTIE – The State of the Arts Therapies Training in Europe 

Commissioned Report by European Consortium of Arts Therapies Education (ECArTE) in collaboration with the European Associations/Federations/Confederations of the Arts Therapies.

In collaboration with the European Associations of Arts Therapies, ECArTE is commissioning a report, which outlines two key aspects of the state of the Arts Therapies in Europe (SATIE):
1. Challenges and possibilities within arts therapies education
2. Models and examples of evidence based practice in the arts therapies in mental health

Overall aim

The key strategic aim of the report is to gather data on structural, epistemological and aspects of Arts Therapies Education and Research in Europe. The report will present findings, which in turn will generate an initial set of guidelines for training and re-assess the current guidelines published by ECArTE. The overall objective is to maintain and enhance the standing, profiling and resourcing of programmes in Universities though the creation of guidelines and the identification of evidence-based research.

ECArTE will commission a researcher to compile the report over a period of 12 months. The researcher will be supervised by the ECArTE Board will be responsible for supervising the researcher.

The ECArTE Board are keen to collaborate with European Associations on the compilation of this report.
European Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy (EADMT) – Vincenzo Puxeddo
European Association of Dramatherapy (EFD) – Salvo Pitruzzella
European Federation of Art therapy (EFAT) – Dominik Havsteen-Franklin
European Confederation of Music Therapy (ECMT) – Esa Ala-Ruona
European Consortium of Arts Therapies Education ECArTE – Richard Hougham

Download a pdf on the SATTIE project

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