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17th European Arts Therapies Conference​

11-14 September 2024




Please read the following information before you go through the registration process.

Make your Programme Choices before registering for the conference

When you are ready to register and pay, you will be asked to select your programme choices before you pay.  Please familiarise yourself with the conference programme and then during online registration sign up for your chosen activities for each day.


Payment Options

All payments (other than Institutional payments) are by Credit Card. 


If your institution is paying for you, you will receive an invoice to submit to your Institution's Finance Department for payment. Please select the 'Institutional Payments' option when you start the registration process. Please note: Your place at the conference is not guaranteed until payment has been received.

Multiple Institutional Registrations

If you are an Institution Administrator you can register multiple delegates for your institution in one registration process and with one payment. For this you must use the Institutional Payments option. You must register the first delegate, adding their programme choices, and then you will be offered the option to add another delegate. You can register up to 6 delegates in one session. Be sure to enter your email address (under Admin email) and your name under Invoice Information, in the registration form. Confirmation details will be emailed to each delegate you register in this way, and copied to you.

Conference Registration Fees

Standard Individual Early Bird (received before 1st June 2024)  €400 

Standard Individual (received by 30th June 2022) €450 

Member Representative €200  

Global Representative Standard €300

Students (with proof of student identity) €200

Retired  €200


All presenters need to register and pay by 1st June 2024 to ensure inclusion in the programme.

Member Institution Representive

Only one Member Representative is permitted per Member Institution.

Member Representatives will be provided with a discount code by the ECArTE office so they can access the discounted fee. If you are a Member Institution Rep choose the 'Member Institution Representative' registration option at the start of the registration process.

Global Representatives 

You can only register as a Global and Regional Representative if you have been approved by ECArTE. Global Representatives will be contacted separately by the ECArTE office and provided with a discount code so they can access the discounted fee. If you are a Global Rep choose the 'Global Representative' registration option at the start of the registration process.


Please note that if you are registering as a student, you will be required to provide proof in the form of a scanned copy of your student identity card or letter of admission.  You MUST have this ready when you register. Choose the 'Student' registration option at the start of the registration process.


Choose the 'Retired' registration option at the start of the registration process.


This conference ECArTE are formally launching a bursary scheme.  Please follow this link and download the application form if you are interested in applying. 

Closing Celebration Event

The closing event takes place on the final Saturday evening of the Conference. The cost is €30. It is optional to attend and you can sign up for it during registration. Alternatively tickets for the evening will be available to buy throughout the conference. 

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