ECArTE Conference, Vilnius, 2022

Amidst the conflict and suffering in the Ukraine, the ECArTE community sends a message of solidarity to our colleagues in the Baltic states. ECArTE’s constitutional aim to cultivate creative collaborations in Europe continues, and we look forward to continuing dialogue with colleagues in Vilnius in preparing for our next conference. 


ECArTE CONFERENCE September 2022

Thanks to everyone involved in the organisation and delivery of the ECArTE conference in Vilnius, Lithuania,  September 2022.
Thank you to all our delegates who attended the conference.




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Nisha Sajnani

‘To Be, and Not to Be’, Memory, Care and the Contradictory Imagination

European Consortium of Arts Therapies (ECArTE) Conference, Vilnius, Lithuania, September 2022

The home of Arts Therapies Education in Europe

ECArTE is a consortium of Universities, which was founded in 1991 and currently comprises 33 member institutions from 15 European countries. It is a non profit-making organisation. Its primary purpose is to rep­resent and encourage the development of the Arts Therapies at a European level, in particular courses offering nationally-validated and professionally-recognised education for arts therapists.

The Arts Therapies include art therapy, dance movement therapy, dramatherapy, music therapy and play therapy.

We are working towards establishing mutual recognition and compatibility in educational and vocational training for arts therapists within the European Community.