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Art Workshop



Robin B. Zeiger & Tamar Shalit Barlev

Homelessness, Wandering, & the Eternal Search for Home Creating an Internal Space of Dialogue with “Home”

There are moments in history when collective memory is radically transformed. The year 2020 is one of those moments when our sense of being at home in our world will never be the same.

‘Home’ is a powerful multi-faceted archetype of memory and longing. Homelessness, danger, and wandering stand in contrast to warmth and safety of home, hearth, and belonging. Sometimes, we leave in order to return transformed. Sometimes, our home is unsafe, destroyed or we are thrust out as refugees. Ultimately, we must create an inner voice of being ‘at home’.

Carl Jung valued art and the symbolic as a bridge to the transcendent function; a natural process of soul-work that enables connection between the unconscious and consciousness. We are two Jungian analysts with extensive experience in the symbolic, archetypal, and expressive arts (art therapy, sandplay, dream work). The aims of this workshop will be to create temenos (sacred space) to meet the personal and collective memory of ‘home’. Opening with a brief meditative exercise, an open-studio experience follows with various art mediums and inspirational materials (e.g., images, poetry) to allow for personal work.
In synchronicity, this conference occurs during the Jewish holiday of Tabernacles commemorating the Jews’ 40-year journey to a new homeland. Jews traditionally leave their home to dwell in colorful Sukkot (temporary huts) partially open to the heavens commemorating Divine Protection. We will provide images of Sukkot.

We revisit the house(s) we grew up in, we show our new lover the park where, as a kid, we had our first kiss, or where students were killed by the police in an anti- war demonstration… our lives and struggles, and those of our ancestors, are written into places, houses…., investing them with meaning and significance.

(Sandercock (2012), City of Memory, Beyond Memory, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem).

Robin Zeiger

Dr. Robin B. Zeiger received her Ph.D. in Clinical and Social Psychology in 1985 from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is a certified Jungian Analyst and a member of the Israel Institute of Jungian Psychology, the International Association of Analytical Psychology, the Israeli Sandplay Therapists Association, and the International Association of Sandplay Therapists. She has extensive experience in psychotherapy, psychanalysis, supervision and training which includes working with art, sandplay, dreams, symbols, and archetypes. She is also a freelance writer.

Recent Publications and Presentations

Zeiger, R.B. (2018). Window Shades & Bad Guys: Dreamscapes of Transformation in the Face of War. Quadrant, Journal of the C.G. Jung Association, New York (XLVIII, 1).

2019: (Zeiger, R.B.) Presentation: Into the Dirty Bathwaters: Sandplay and the Building of Intimacy. 25th Congress of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy – Dreaming with the Hands, Berlin, September 5-9. Berlin, Germany.

2019: (Zeiger, R.B.) Presentation: Four Hands of Creation, Destruction & Reconciliation: An Unusual Sandplay Process. 25th Congress of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy – Dreaming with the Hands, Berlin, September 5-9. Berlin, Germany.

2017: (Zeiger, R.B.) Presentation: On the Banks of the Sea: The Ebb & Flow of Our Journey. Destruction & Creation in the Fertile Fields of Sandplay.
24th Congress of International Society for Sandplay Therapy. Hawaii.

2015: (Zeiger, R.B.). Presentation: Window Shades & Bad Guys: Dreamscapes of Transformation in the Face of War. Analysis & Activism: Social & Political Contributions of Jungian Psychology. International Association of Analytical Psychology. Rome, Italy

Tamar Shalit Barlev

Tamar Shalit Barlev received her M.A. in Education and her Diploma in Art Therapy from Haifa university in 1996. She is also a certified Jungian Analyst and works in private practice providing psychoanalysis, sandplay work, art therapy, and supervision. She is on the teaching faculty for master’s students in art therapy at Hakibuzim College in Tel aviv, and teaches Jungian principles to sandplay students in the same college.

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