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Daphna Markman Zinemanas

When the Painter is the Helper – Face to Face

Portrait painting (realistic or abstract) and documenting life story can be beneficial for the painter and the model.

There is a boundary between the practice of an art psychotherapist and an artist. Therapist’s artistic abilities may threaten the patients’ expression and put an emphasis on the quality of the artistic product.

The therapist can be over exposed by his/her art. While painting with patients, their style should lead the process. The following social artistic projects, my artistic abilities were in the service of the models. It was surprising to reveal the powerful impact on both parties.

Why portraying the other and documenting his/her life story has the potential of enhancing change? It is probably based on the developmental need to be seen as was described by philosophers like Merleau-Ponty and analysts like Winnicott. Winnicott wrote about the “mirror-role” of the mother. He claimed that the baby sees himself in his mother’s eyes (Winnicott, 1971).

The mirror neurons discovery explains the importance of being seen from a neurological point of view.

The models were painted in their chosen location and pose, and their life stories were documented.

It was a unique opportunity to be heard, seen and be present through the process and at the final exhibitions.

Friends and relatives learnt new information. Various populations were involved in these projects:
• The elderly.
• A person who is touched by cancer: the “inspiration”. The inspiration can be a sick person, a cancer survivor, a caretaker or someone who lost a loved one by cancer (“Twist out cancer” organization).
• Talpiot market merchants in my hometown.
• Afula’s project which deals with immigration. Every model was painted based on a photo from his/her country of origin and nowadays portrait.

Various examples of these processes will be demonstrated and analyzed from different points of view.


Daphna Markman Zinemanas is an art therapist since 1986 and an artist.
1983 first degree in fine arts and special education, Haifa University
1986 MA in Art Therapy, Haifa University
1996 Psychotherapy, Haifa University
1996 Psychotherapy, Haifa University
2010 PhD. in philosophy, Haifa University
Exhibitions (Selection)
2019 - Group exhibition, MOOI INDIE, Gallery R, Trisakti, Indonesia.
2019 - Solo exhibition, Karon Hasfarim, Kiryat Tivon.
2018 - Group exhibition, Hamerkazit Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2018 - Group exhibition, Tiempo, Fukuoka, Japan.
2018 - Group exhibition, "Brushes with Cancer", Andromeda, Tel-Aviv.
2017 - Group exhibition, "Face to Face", Jerusalem House of Quality, Jerusalem.
2013 - Group exhibition of lecturers in Haifa University.
1996 – Solo exhibition in Nama Gallery, Tel Aviv.
1984 – Solo exhibition at the Haifa Cinematheque, Haifa
Currently she is a lecturer at the MA Art-therapy program at Bar-Ilan University and has private clinic of art psychotherapy.

Recent Publications and Conferences

Recent Publications
Markman Zinemanas, D. (2013) When the Implicit Becomes Explicit – Art Psychotherapy (published in Hebrew).
Markman Zinemanas, D. (2014), Visual Symbol Formation - Implications for Art Psychotherapy with Incest Survivors – A Case Study. ATOL, Art Therapy On Line, 5 (2).
Markman-Zinemanas, D. & Roux, P.W. (2018). Around the table: A multicultural joint art project. In: Tiempo 4All Commemorative Edition. Celebrating 20 Years of NPO Tiempo Iberoamericano, Fukuoka. p. 29-30.
Markman Zinemanas, D. (November 2017). Differentiating Art Therapy from Art Therapy Supervision – Experiential Workshop. Expressive Art therapies summit, Manhattan, NY.
Markman Zinemanas, D. and Roax, P. (April, 2018).
Around the table –Workshop,
Around the table – lecture, Kobe, Japan.

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