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Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights

Sound Installations in The Museum Of Occupations And Freedom Fights

The New Music Communications Centre project "Sound Installations in the Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights" led by composer Snieguolė Dikčiūtė was conceived for the 16th European Arts Therapies Conference in Vilnius, responding to the main theme of this conference, MEMORY.

In various spaces of the Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights, artists will respond to the context and presentations of memory and history. Visitors will be invited to walk through the spaces of the former KGB prison, where musical compositions (audiovisual installations) that ‘sound’ the environment have been created, and to interact with sound objects. Some of these sound installations will be running in the museum after the ECArTE Conference as part of a long-term exhibition.

Author of the project: Snieguolė Dikčiūtė
Antanas Kučinskas “He and She”
Snieguolė Dikčiūtė ”Windows'”, “Bathing in the Sound”
Dominykas Snarskis “Percussion Department”
Kornelijs Pukinskis “Whispers”
Mantvydas Leonas Pranulis “Two Cameras”, “One Sip”
Performers: LMTA Contemporary Music and Improvisation Master's Program students and VU-LMTA Arts Therapy Master's Program Music Therapy specialization students.
Sponsor: Vilnius City Municipality

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