Panel Presentations by Title


AT  - Art Therapy
DT - Dramatherapy
DMT - Dance Movement Therapy
EA - Environmental Arts Therapy
ED - Education
MX- Mixed Arts Therapies
MT - Music Therapy
RES - Research

Friday 15th September (Day Three)

9.30 - 11.00

Navigating the Transition to Online Education in the Arts Therapies
Nisha Sajnani, Rebecca Zarate, Nancy Beardall, Raquel Chapin Stephenson, Karen Estrella & Donna Socha (MX/ ED)

Gender Issues in International Research on Arts Therapies
Susan Hogan, Savneet Talwar & Ephrat Huss (AT/ RES)


13.45 - 15.00

Sublimation Panel: How has our thinking on sublimation in art therapy evolved due to changing viewpoints in psychoanalytic theory?
Elizabeth Stone, Karin Dannecker, Uwe Herrmann & Judith Rubin (AT)

Can we ‘dance’ a transition between arts therapies’ practice and research?
Hilda Wengrower, Marian Cao, Ephrat Huss, Vicky Karkou & Gabriele Schmid (DMT/ AT/ RES)

Arts-Based Research Within Dominant Scholarly Traditions
Nancy Gerber, Jacelyn Biondo & Bronwen Landless (MX/ RES)


Saturday 16th September (Day Four)
12.00 - 13.15


Learning in a New Key (LINK): the development of therapeutic music and artistic resources for educators supporting vulnerable young people during moments of transition
Leslie Bunt, Barbara Zanchi, Krzysztof Stachyra, Nick Clough (MT)