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Barcelona: University of Barcelona


Course Title: MA in Music Therapy

Duration: Two years, part-time: 8 hours per week, on weekends between October and July plus lectures given by invited professors. 600 teaching hours at the University, 60 hours of supervision, 160 hours of clinical practice and 680 study hours, total: 1,500 hours.

Entry Requirements:

• a first degree in health sciences, psychology, pedagogy, education or a degree in music

• a basic knowledge of the theory of music and the ability to play a musical instrument

• a personal interview where the curriculum of the candidate will be discussed:  this interview is undertaken by the Director of the course and some psychiatry professors from the course

• ability to read in English.


Course Philosophy and Main Theoretical Approaches:

The University of Barcelona’s Masters in Music Therapy is a programme which is both considerable in its academic weight and pioneering, as it was the first of its kind anywhere in Spain.  Students of music therapy can expect to work in diverse areas and will have a wide range of practical experience. To be an effective professional music therapist some basic skills are necessary in clinical, musical and music therapy competence:

• personal qualities such as vitality, emotional balance, acceptance of one self and of others; the need to help others, patience, tact and sensitivity; and the capacity to work in a team

• intellectual qualities such as creativity both in musical and clinical fields, and the ability to engage in research projects

• ethical sensibilities

This Masters aims to guide its students to develop such qualities, enabling then to work in psychiatric hospitals, rehabilitation centres, general hospitals, outpatients’ clinics, day care treatment centres, drug and alcohol programmes, geriatric centres, nursing homes, special education schools, palliative care units, social rehabilitation centres and also in private practice. There are currently areas of research in hospitals like Hospital del Mar, Hospital de la Esperanza, Sant Juan de Dios, Hospital Universitario de la Mutua de Terrassa and others.  At present a new project is being undertaken in neo-natal intensive care units (NICU), palliative care, oncology and patients with addictions. These are exciting times for music therapy in Barcelona and we are looking forward to seeing how the programme develops in the future.

Course Content:

Year one

Module 1  Basis for musictherapy. Musictherapy applied to childhood and youth.

•  Musictherapy basis

•  Musictherapy methodology

•  Mt applied to childhood and youth

•  Mt organization

•  Mt applied in development

Module 2  Instrumental training and pedagogy of musictherapy.

•  Vocal resources I

•  Choir direction

•  Dalcroze Orff musical pedagogy

•  Willems musical pedagogy

•  Piano I

•  Harmony applied to creative Mt.

•  Instrumental Ensemble I

•  Psycho-corporal resources

Module 3  Psychology of music and musictherapy research.

• Music and sound

• Psychology of music

• Anthropology of music

• Research in MT I

Module 4  Psychology.

•  Brief Psychotherapy

•   Intervention frameworks in Psychotherapy

•   General Psychopathology

•   Childhood and youth Psychopathology

•   Projective Psychological Tests

Module 5  Interdisciplinary musical workshops.

•  Group improvisation: soundpainting

•  Piano II

•  Orff instruments workshop

•   Body Percussion

Year two

Module 6  Specific musictherapy instrumental training.

•  Guitar I

•  Piano II

•  Vocal resources II

Module 7  Psychotherapy and Self-Experience.

•  Psychotherapies

•  Solution oriented psychotherapy

•  Psychotherapy in eating disorders

•  Self Experience

Module 8  Interdisciplinary models in musictherapy.

•  Art-therapy

•  Dancetherapy

•   GIM

•  Nordoff – Robbins Model

Module 9  Musictherapy applied to old age.

•  Geriatric psychopathology

•  Geriatric MT

•  Neurodegenerative diseases

Module 10  Musictherapy applied in a social setting and in mental health.

•  Musictherapist training

•  MT in a social setting

•  MT in a social setting

•  MT in mental health

•  MT in mental health

•  MT in mental health

Module 11 Specific musical workshops for musictherapy.

•  Instrumental ensemble

•  Percussion

•  Piano II

•   Guitarra II

•   Psycho-corporal resources

Module 12  Musictherapy applied in a hospital setting.

•  MT and Medicine

•  MT in Oncology

•  MT in Neonatology

•  MT in Neurorehabilitation

•  MT in physical rehabilitation

•  MT in neurodegenerative diseases

•  MT medicine and guitar

Module 13  Internship and final project.


Students develop their pcticum in different fields: hospitals, special education, schools, social institutions or private practice.


Qualification Awarded: MA in Music Therapy

Language: All modules are taught in Spanish except the clinical practice, exams or presentation, in which English is permissible.


Student Exchange Opportunities:

The University of Barcelona is able to offer clinical placement opportunities in music therapy for ECArTE member students. Such placements would take place between October to July and would be in a general hospital, palliative care, private clinic, special education, or the Institut Catalan Music Therapy (


Current Research and Interests:

Palliative care in Esperanza hospital, research in neonatology at the Clinica Dexeus Barcelona, and NICU in the University Hospital of Terrassa

Research Collaboration:

University of Barcelona is interested in research collaboration with ECArTE members, with particular research interests in music therapy.

Professional Association:

Catalan Association of Music Therapy

Email address:

Professional Body or Ministry:

Students are not obliged to register with the professional association in order to practise as an arts therapist.

Code of Ethics:

The World Federation in Music Therapy

Contact Details:

Contact person: Nuria Escudé, Director of Masters in Music Therapy

Postal address: c/Muntaner 393, 3er 2n

Telephone number: 0034 62 7591381

University website:

Email address:



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