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Paris: Universités Sorbonne Paris Cité (Paris Descartes and Sorbonne Nouvelle)


Course Title: MA Professional and Research In Artistic Creation

Specialization in:

Music Therapy

Drama Therapy

Dance Therapy

Art Therapy


Duration: Two years full-time

Entry Requirements:

• possession of a three years national validated university degree minimum -  medical and non-medical qualifications including social, pedagogical or artistic

• studies and regular practise of the specialization chosen: visual art, dance, music or drama

• for professional students experience in the field

• experience in interpersonal relationship


Course Philosophy and Main Theoretical Approaches:

The course philosophy is based on four constructs of learning - theoretical, experimental, clinical and research - which is a central core of learning as professional practice and research on the practice. The course provides clinical supervision to develop a critical awareness of the practice and greater insight into the therapist/client relationship. Research methodology constitutes an important aspect for students to explore ways of evaluating their efficiency and the development of their practice.

The approach is based on several psychological theories.


Course Content:

The vocation of the training is both professionalization and research. Students have some courses in common but they have to choose a specialization depending of their art discipline

First year

• Art theoretical approaches

• Placement, supervision, professional identity, ethics and deontology

• Psychopathology and arts therapy practices

• Workshop of arts therapy: experience and analysis

• The place of the body in arts therapy

• Methodology : case studies on arts therapy

• The different kind of clients and working fields

• Placement, supervision and thesis

• One optional unit to be chosen by the student

Second year

• Art, aesthetic and therapy

• Psychopathology and case study

• Stage, supervision, professional identity, clinic and deontology

• Arts therapy workshops: experience and analysis

• Overview of European arts therapies

• Placement, supervision, research or professional thesis.

• Art therapy workshops : experience and analysis

• Development: two possibilities, one is research and the other one in profession: optional.

• One optional to be chosen by the student


Qualification Awarded

MA Professional and Research in Artistic Creation

Specialization in:

Music Therapy

Drama Therapy

Dance Therapy

Art Therapy

Language: All modules are taught in French


Student Exchange Opportunities:

University Paris Descartes MA programme is able to offer student exchange opportunities with ECArTE member universities.

The programme is not able to offer student placement opportunities for ECArTE students from other universities.

Current Publications:

Lecourt, E. & Lubart, T. (Eds.) (2017). Les arts therapies. Paris : A Colin. 


Professional Association :

Association Française de Musicothérapie :

Atelier du Geste Rythmé :

French Federation of arts therapies:

French Federation of Music Therapy:

And numerous local associations


Professional Body or Ministry:

Students are not obliged to register with a professional association in order to practise as an arts therapist.  There is no regulation of the profession.


Code of Ethics:

The code of ethics adopted is the one used in the main associations by each specialization.


Contact details:

Contact person: Prof. Todd Lubart

Postal address:

Université Paris Descartes/ Sorbonne Paris Cité

Institut de Psychologie

Scolarité Master

71 avenue Edouard Vaillant

921090 Boulogne Billancourt

University website: