Exactly how much money are we trying to raise?

Our Moving Forward goal is $1,700,000 in commitments paid over a three-year period, but we also have a Generous goal of $2,800,000, which will allow us to complete the construction, pay off most of our debt, and provide seed money for our future expansion.

Is my commitment to Continuing the Vision over and above my regular tithe or offering?

Yes! If we take away from our present level of giving to the general budget, we paralyze our church ministries, our church plant support, and our missions, and thus the life of our church.

When do I start paying on my commitment?

We will begin paying our commitments on June 30, 2021.

If we are going to complete construction in a year, how can giving the gifts over a three‑year period be effective?

We recognize that in seeking the generous giving we need to build the facility, not many families would have the ability to give that amount in one year. Therefore, we will take out short‑term loans that will be paid off as the funds come in over the three‑year period.

How do we make our gifts toward the Continuing the Vision campaign?

Place your additional gifts in your offering envelope, labeled Continuing the Vision, or set up a separate automatic payment. We will establish additional automatic or manual electronic means to contribute.

Will I be asked publicly for a commitment?

No! Neither will your individual commitment be announced.

Can I change my commitment later on?

Yes. You may increase, decrease, or stop your commitment at any time. We understand that circumstances change, for better or worse. Any changes may be made through our treasurer, and will be handled as confidentially as your original commitment.

Can Continuing the Vision funds be used for any other purposes?

No! All Continuing the Vision funds will be placed in a separate account and are exclusively restricted to activities related to building the Emmanuel Family Life Center.

What happens if we do not reach our goal of $1,700,000? Are we going to take on any additional debt in support of this building campaign?

If we do not reach our goal, we will have to consider other alternatives. We will prayerfully seek God’s guidance and carefully explore other options to overcome our current capacity and facility age issues.

Who should I speak to if I have other questions?

Pastor Rick, Bill Holston, Al Lense, and Marc Arigo are all serving on the Campaign Leadership Team. If you have specific confidential questions about giving, contact Anita Nalls.