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    The School of Music Studies at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-Greece offers a five-year integrative master program (10 semesters, 300 ECTS), recognised by the Greek Law as being equivalent to a master’s degree, allowing direct access to PhD studies. The School is the only one in the country to employ a music therapist. As a result, a music therapy foundational training program has been included in the School’s curriculum, since 2011.
    Under its current structure, the School of Music Studies aims to provide education of the highest quality in the fields of Musicology, Music Education and Composition. A description of the fundamental principles and structure of the programme of studies is detailed in the school’s website: The music therapy training takes place during the fourth and fifth year of the studies and is offered as a full-time programme. All courses are approved by the Greek Ministry of Education. At the end of the training the students can write a thesis on music therapy and are awarded a degree in Music Studies/Music Pedagogy rather than music therapy.
    Although the music therapy profession is not yet recognized in Greece, many graduates are hired to work as music therapists in various health institutions.
    There are six PhD students currently conducting music therapy research in the following areas: The role of the therapeutic relationship with the speech development of children in the autism spectrum in music therapy sessions. Emotional, motivational and interpersonal response of children with cochlear implants through music therapy improvisation. Drug addiction: From prevention to rehab through sounds and measurements. Psychoanalytic theory and practice in music therapy clinical settings. The influence of psychodynamic music therapy with sexually abused children. A qualitative research. Music Therapy with patients after gall bladder surgery.
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