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ECArTE is a consortium of Universities, which was founded in 1991 and currently comprises 32 member institutions from 14 European countries. It is a non profit-making organisation. Its primary purpose is to rep­resent and encourage the development of the Arts Therapies at a European level, in particular courses offering nationally-validated and professionally-recognised education for arts therapists. The Arts Therapies include art therapy, dance movement therapy, dramatherapy and music therapy.

ECArTE was founded in 1991 by the Universities of Hertfordshire, Münster, Nijmegen and Paris. Currently it comprises 34 member institutions from 13 European countries.

The Consortium's work includes:

  • Creating stronger European links in the Arts Therapies through the international exchange of staff and students

  • Promoting research into methods of Arts Therapies practice within Europe

  • Working towards opportunities for international study and exchange in Arts Therapies training programmes

  • Promoting recognition of qualifications in the Arts Therapies at a European level

  • Supporting the development of appropriate, academically recognised,

  • nationally validated Higher Education courses for the Arts Therapies

  • publishing academic texts on current trends, philosophies and research in international Arts Therapies

  • Offering opportunities for professional communication at its international conferences.

  • European Network

ECArTE is working towards establishing mutual recognition and compatibility in educational and vocational training for Arts Therapists within the European Community. The criteria for membership to ECArTE is subject to a fast-changing educational and social landscape. There are complex articulations of qualifications in different European Countries and ECArTE is keen to remain observant of these differences and inclusive in its practice.

ECArTE Membership Criteria and Categories of Membership are detailed under the Membership section of this website.

The Benefits of ECArTE Membership

As a member of ECArTE universities become involved in promoting and developing, at an international level, the standing and quality of arts therapies education. Additionally member institutions will benefit from:

  •  opportunities for international staff and student ex­change

  • sharing experience of course and specialist curriculum knowledge within member institutions

  • the opportunity to become part of a network for developing arts therapies education in Europe

  • attendance at regular annual General Assembly meetings  within Europe

  • reduced rates when attending ECArTE events

  • an established network for research purposes

  • use of the ECArTE logo and recognition in publicity and course marketing

The Legal Status

The Consortium is an autonomous body and is a charity registered within Dutch law.

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