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This ECArTE Directory of European Training Programmes sets out to summarise current arts therapy education provision across Europe, from an academic and professional perspective. It provides résumés of the professional and educational contexts of the arts therapies in each ECArTE Member State and gives details of Members’ arts therapy education programmes as offered in 2018.

Entries include:

  • course entry requirements, duration of study and qualifications awarded

  • programme philosophy and curriculum outlines

  • opportunities for student exchanges

  • current research projects

  • professional registration and codes of ethics or conduct

  • contact details

As well as providing a useful resource for those who are interested in accessing information on training programmes, the data in this Directory highlights usefully essential components of arts therapies education, current common trends and differences. It is intended that this information will stimulate important work in mapping European arts therapies education and, in turn, assist ECArTE in realising its more ambitious goal of establishing European standards of arts therapies education. The Consortium is committed to finding ways forward in encouraging mobility for trainees and professionals in the field across Europe.

This e-Directory was first published in May 2012 and is now updated annually. Courses are listed by country, alphabetically.

Download the current version here

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