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Hasselt:  PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Course Title: Banaba (bachelor) in de Creatieve Therapie /

Bachelor in Art Therapy


Duration: Three years part-time

Entry Requirements:

•             a first degree in healthcare, social work or fine arts

•             fine arts abilities

•             experience in developing interpersonal relationships

Course Philosophy and Main Theoretical Approaches:

Art therapy aims to treat clients with psychosocial problems and/or psychiatric disorders by applying the use of the expressive medium in a methodical manner.

To be an art therapist you have to acquire the necessary skills as a handler, an expressive therapist, an artistic accompanist, a professional team player and a profession developer. For this reason the art therapy programme offers a wide variety of training fields.

Beside the necessary insights such as client-based problems in mental healthcare, art psychology, contemporary art, outsider art and ethics, it is also required that students be capable of expression in several art media. Students are required to build up competencies in improving creative skills and agogical techniques.

An important part of the programme consists in acquiring the necessary skills in several art studios: drawing, sculpture, graphics, ceramics, painting and new media.

The study programme comprises 84 ECTS and is spread over three years. This makes it possible to combine work and study.

In the first academic year the programme focuses on basic knowledge and skills, preliminary to the profession of an art therapist.

In the second academic year the programme focuses on the art therapist as a practitioner. The programme makes a crosslink of the 3 bodies (knowledge – therapeutic skills – artistic skills) in the central ‘Art Therapy Studio’.

The third academic year focuses on the specialised application: the art therapist as a professional.  The third year includes supervised clinical practice.

The programme is based on contemporary education principles such as problem-based learning. It includes a PDP (Personal Development Program) and is supported by professional art therapists who work in the field.

Course Content:

Year One (24 ECTS):

-       Therapeutic frameworks (4 ects)

-       General psychopathology (4 ects)

-       Looking at art (4 ects)

-       Art therapy: introduction (6 ects)

-       Orientation in the field (6 ects)

Year Two (30 ECTS):

-       Art therapy: theory (6 ects)

-       Therapeutic Frameworks and psychopathology (4 ects)

-       Image analysis (3 ects)

-       Art medium (3 ects)

-       Art therapy studio: the art therapist as practitioner (10 ects)

-       PDP (personal development program) (4 ects)

Year Three (30 ECTS):

-       Art therapy studio: the art therapist as professional (6 ects)

-       Clinical placement + PDP (19 ects)

-       Integrationproject (5ects)

Qualification Awarded: Bachelor in de Creatieve Therapie / Bachelor in Art Therapy

Language: All modules are taught in Dutch

Student Exchange Opportunities:

PXL University College is not currently able to offer any student exchange opportunities with ECArTE member universities.

We are able to offer a clinical placement opportunity for ECArTE member students in art therapy.  The duration would be by mutual agreement with the art therapist, up to a maximum of 35 hours per week, and would be between February and June.

Research Collaboration:

We are interested in research collaboration with ECArTE Members. Particular research interests are: psyche & art, and the creative process.

Professional Association:


Belgische Vereniging voor Creatieve Therapie – Association Belge d’Arts Thérapies

Email address:

Professional Body or Ministry:

Students are not obliged to register with a professional association in order to practise as an arts therapist.

The course is nationally validated by: Vlaams Ministerie van Onderwijs

Code of Ethics:

Code of ethics in preparation by the BVCT-ABAT vzw.

Contact details:

Contact person: Jan Vandromme

Postal address: PXL Healthcare, Campus Hasselt Centrum, Guffenslaan 39 3500 Hasselt (Belgium)

Telephone number: +32 11 775233

University website:

Email address: