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Gent: Artevelde University College

Course Title: Advanced BA in the Arts Therapies (art therapy, dance-movement therapy, dramatherapy or music therapy)


Duration: Three years, part-time. 88 ECTS

Entry Requirements:

Bachelor degree or Masters in one of the following study fields: psychology physical revalidation (D&MT), healthcare medicine, pedagogic science, art education (AT), social science, music education (MT), education, drama education (DT), dance education (D&MT).

Admissions process:

•             written application

•             counseling medium day: candidates participate in a six-hour class in their preferred medium and need to receive a positive   advice before they can attempt the intake interview.  Positive or negative advice, or advice to postpone or pursue a different art form is given in view of their skills in the chosen medium, their reflective skills and their personal attitude. Time is offered to answer questions concerning the medium classes.

•             intake interview: candidates will have an interview with a psychologist connected with course.

Course Philosophy and Main Theoretical Approaches:

This training in arts therapies offers a therapeutic training on fundamental level, a training that studies and considers the human existence as a subjectivity. The perspective of the course is Lacanian, in the belief that the particularity of the subject needs to be central in a diagnostic and therapeutic act, and because the Lacanian theory allows the interrelationship of subjectivity and art form (the 'language ' of art, dance, music and drama) to its practical consequences.  Within the arts therapies the unity of art form and psyche is considered as central.

Course Content:

Artevelde University College, Ghent awards an officially ( recognized Advanced Bachelor Degree in the Arts Therapies (incorporating art therapy, dance movement therapy, dramatherapy or music therapy). The programme at Artevelde University College is a part-time program consisting of 6 semesters.  The total amount of ECTS is 88.

Advanced Bachelor’s programme of ARTS THERAPY

MODULE 1                                               ECTS 

Therapeutic reference frames                 4

Behaviourism, systematic therapy,          2

client-centred therapy                                              

Psychoanalysis                                        2

General psychopathology                        4

Arts therapy: basic 1                                3

   Dramatherapy: basic

   Art therapy: basic

Arts history                                               4


Group therapy: theory                              3

Artstherapies: basic 2                               3

   Dramatherapy: basic

   Art therapy: basic

Arts Therapies theory                               3

Placement                                                6

Orientation of artstherapies workfield       2

Artform plavcement                                  2

Artistic project                                           2


Arts Therapies theory: deepening            3

Arts therapies: deepening 2                     5

Dramatherapy: deepening

Art therapy: deepening

Psychopathology seen from

Psychoanalytic Lacannian perspective    4

Philosophy and psychology of arts           3


Arts therapy: deepening 2                        4

Dramatherapy: deepening
Art therapy: deepening

Experiential groups therapy                      3

Therapeutic reference frames:                  3


Clinical placement                                     5


Clinical placement 2 (1 year)                     22

Case studies                                              6

Artstherapy specific methodology              6

Clinical placement                                     10

MODULE 6                                               SP

Thesis                                                       8             

Qualification Awarded: BA in The Arts Therapies.

The programme is officially ( recognized.

Language: All modules on the course are taught in Dutch

Student Exchange Opportunities:

We do not offer opportunities for student exchange at present.

We are able to offer clinical placement opportunities for ECArTE member students.  At present we are in consultation regarding the disciplines in which these opportunities might arise and as to their duration and timing.                        

Research Collaboration:

Artevelde is interested in research collaboration with ECArTE members.

Professional Association:

BVCT-ABAT vzw. Belgische Vereniging voor Creatieve Therapie - Association Belge d’Arts Thérapies

Email address:

Professional Body or Ministry:

Students are not obliged to register with a professional association in order to practise as arts therapists.

Contact Details: 

Contact person: Mathieu Van der Straeten

Coordinator internship and international affairs     

Internship coördinator   

Postal address:

Arteveldehogeschool, Advanced Bachelor in Arts Therapies

Campus Kantienberg - Bureau B 0302

Voetweg 66

9000 Gent - Belgium

Telephone number: +32(0)

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