Welten, Jaap

The wondering knight; playing with almost forgotten idols


Jaap Welten


The ‘play space’ offers an unknown landscape in which wandering knights can wonder about the challenges and adventures tasks that comes their way.

The story of Don Quixote offers characters which can be explored dramatically and can support play beyond any comfort zone, seeking to stretch role-repertoire.

Using the dramatherapeutic method of Developmental Transformations, participants will be challenged like Sancho Panza, to leave the familiar parts of their play and step beyond, led by a wandering director who fights the gigantesque structures that have arguably taken over the contemporary play space. Is this the revival of the horror vaqui?

Where is the empty space gone, this comfort zone for an embodied encounter in the playspace?

Following the axiom that “Being is unstable” (D.R.Johnson) the purpose of developmental transformations is not to create more stability in our lives, but to lower the fear of instability.

The playspace offers a means to explore this instability and the story of Don Quixote provides helpful guideline as an introduction to play with these instabilities in a spontaneous, improvisational and joyful way.



Jaap Welten, MADth, is recently retired as senior lecturer in dramatherapy at Zuyd university of applied sciences in Heerlen, The Netherlands. He graduated in 2013 in DvT and is training- director of the DvT-Zuid course. Working with physical play and physical theatre has been the motivation force in his professional work for over 40 years


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