Vaisvaser, Sharon

Multifaceted narratives of the dynamic moving body 

Sharon Vaisvaser

The dance/movement workshop will focus on the mind-body interface, unravelling narratives of the embodied subjectivity situated in time, in the 'here and now' and engaged with the other.  In these interactions, the spontaneously moving body plays a crucial role. Passing or drifting between focused awareness and the slumber unconscious, the workshop will explore and challenge the way we see and vision ourselves, in our own kinespheric space and as part of a social atmosphere. Forming and re-forming self and intersubjective movement, shifting between what is known and revealed and what is concealed or uncertain, considering the trust we have in our bodily-selves and in self-other connections. Alongside the 'lived experience', attending to the nonverbal vitality contours, body-brain relations will be briefly referred to, indicating the core brain networks - the emotional, wondering and motivated brain, and the generation of synchronisation and mirroring in the dynamic social brain. Spontaneous movement, imagination and thought will enable the passage between self-reflection and empathic attunement to the other and to otherness within the self.

These ideas will be further developed in relation to psychopathology, the therapeutic process and brain plasticity. The workshop will integrate intuitive movement and visual art.



Sharon Vaisvaser Dance/movement therapist (MA) and lecturer in the expressive arts therapy training programs at The Academic College of Society and the Arts, Israel. Completed her PhD in neuroscience at Sagol School of Neuroscience & Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University; The PhD study focused on stress, trauma and emotional memory, conducted at Tel-Aviv Medical Center, Functional Brain Center, Wohl Institute for Advanced Imaging. Works as a dance/movement therapist (private clinic) and as a communication kindergarten coordinator (The Autism Research and Treatment Center). In addition, a dancer and choreographer, teaches contemporary dance, improvisation and composition workshops, works with people from all over the world who come to Taglit Dance-Journey program (Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and the Jewish Agency).


Recent Publications

Vaisvaser, S. (2019). Moving along and beyond the spectrum: creative group therapy for children with autism. Frontiers in psychology 

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Maron-Katz, A., Vaisvaser, S., Lin, T., Shamir, R., Hendler, T. (2016) A large-scale perspective on stress-induced alterations in resting-state networks. Scientific Reports 6:21503.

Conference presentations

2017: Vaisvaser, S.  Neuroepigenetic indications for the trajectory of the response to stress in humans. The 21th Annual Meeting of The Israel Society for Biological Psychiatry

2015: Vaisvaser, S., Neural mechanisms underpinning memory following exposure to aversive episodes, Shoresh Conference- U.S. and Israeli medical researchers, Kfar Maccabiah.