Miras-Ruiz, Ruth

Shipwrecks. Trauma, grief and resilience

Naufragios. Trauma, duelo y resiliencia

Ruth Miras-Ruiz


Shipwrecks is a collaborative and inclusive art therapy and artistic creation project, about the vital disturbances and how to reach new shores of hope. It is based on the transversality of the arts. In this project we propose an open dialogue with the creative potentials, and with the reflection about the intergames of the art in the elaboration of the traumatic experiences, the griefs and the resilience. In collaboration with the ALETHEIA research project: Art, Art Therapy, Trauma and emotional memory (UCM).

The general objective of the project is to promote reflection and dialogue between art therapists, creators and artists regarding the relationship of the creative processes and art as transformative agents in the processing of traumatic experiences (Shipwrecks), the processes of grief and resilience.

In the workshop that we propose we tend a bridge between the voice and the silenced, between the body and the thought, between the memory and the forgetfulness, between the visible and what is hidden. A special space-time for contact with personal and creative potentials; a path towards trust from the places of the unknown. An opportunity for integration between the windmills and the giants (between the real and the imagined, the given and the possible). Thus, giving voice and listening to the silenced, and a new place and possibility to share fears, sorrows, loneliness, loss, yearnings, and also, in this way, we reflect and investigate the possibilities of creation, as a living and dynamic way to the emotional processes.

The methodology of the workshop is integrative, taking elements of different artistic and creation lineages and also from the different artistic therapies: art therapy, dance therapy, psychodrama and music therapy.



Ruth Miras-Ruiz: art therapist, multidisciplinary artist and teacher.
She is currently director of projects at the Arte para la Vida association, where art therapy and artistic projects are carried out in the social, educational and clinical fields.  She has been part of the art therapy team at the Infanta Leonor Psychiatric Day Hospital in Madrid.
She has been a teacher and facilitator of artistic therapies, art, meditation and dance in public and private entities of the Community of Madrid.  She has worked as a Culture Manager and Exhibition Coordinator at Fundación Caja Madrid and at the Complutense University of Madrid.
Her university education ranges from a bachelor's degree in Art History, a master's degree in Performing Arts, a master's degree in Art Therapy and a specialist in psychotherapy. She is also a master in artistic therapies and an expert in personal coaching.


Recent Publications

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RE-CORDIS. Memory and Emotion Behind Bars. Trauma. Art therapy & Dance therapy. Mental health in prison