Herráiz, Marta & Gómez, Nazaret

Music Therapy GIM (Guided Imagery and Music) and the exploration of the unconscious

Marta Herráiz & Nazaret Gómez

With the Music Therapy Method GIM (Guided Imagery and Music), we will work mainly with different series of classical music pieces that will serve to stimulate the imagination and to express symbolically different emotional states.

The starting point will be an intention or a common theme of interest to the group, taking into account the particular interests of the participants. Afterwards, there will be a little relaxation before listening to the music with eyes closed and observing the images that the music suggests. Once the music ends, all the participants will express through drawing the images, the colours or the most significant forms of their experience during the audition.

Finally, a verbal discussion will take place so that the participants can share their experiences and relate themselves to the chosen topic and to the images observed by each individual.

Many studies suggest that the GIM Music Therapy method stimulates the imagination, enhances the exploration of emotional competence and strengthens the creative and intuitive values ​​of the person. This method allows that many unconscious aspects of the person can be conscious, so they can achieve a better understanding of themselves.  Some of these studies were developed by the facilitators Marta Herráiz and Nazaret Gómez.



Marta Herráiz Portillo is head of the Music Department in the Secondary School Antonio Buero Vallejo, where she has taught for 20 years. She is also associate professor at Alcalá University, in the area of ​​Plastic and Visual Expression (Education Department).

A qualified music therapist in Spain (MTAE), she has PhD in Education from Alcalá University (Department of Educational Innovation), with the Doctoral Thesis: Emotional Competence in the Secondary School: Intervention with Music Therapy GIM.

She graduated in Fine Arts and in History and Music Sciences at Complutense University in Madrid. She also has the Piano Professional Degree. She has a Masters in Music Therapy from the Alcalá University (Madrid) and is accredited in the Bonny Music Therapy Method of GIM (Guided Imagery and Music) as fellow (FAMI) and supervisor by the Association of Music and Image in the United States (AMI).

She is currently training to be a primary trainer of the Bonny Music Therapy Method of GIM and she has been an assistant teacher of the first GIM training to be delivered in Barcelona (2015-2017) with Dr. Jim Borling and Dr. Montserrat Gimeno.  Professionally, she is developing group and individual sessions with the GIM method in educational centres and innovation projects with music therapy for the prevention of risk behaviours in adolescents and for the inclusion of this discipline in the educational field.



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Nazaret Gómez Roca is a music teacher and music therapist.  She graduated in History and Music Sciences at Oviedo University.  She studied Music Therapy at the Instituto de Música, Arte y Proceso in Vitoria.  She achieved Master of Arts (MA) in Music Therapy at Aalborg University, where she presented the master thesis about the use of song methods with teenagers in a secondary school.

She worked for several years as a teacher at the History of Music Department in different conservatoires in Galicia and Madrid.  She then gained a permanent position as a secondary school music teacher in the Community of Madrid, where she has been combining her job as a music teacher with different music therapy projects that she developed in the schools where she has worked.

She is trained as a Gestalt therapist at Grupo Quatro (Madrid) and in Integrative Body Process (PCI) with Antonio del Olmo.  She has also attended the SAT Programme of Integrative Psychology through the Enneagrame with Claudio Naranjo.

She studied the GIM Hellen Bonny Method (Guided Imagery and Music) at the Atlantis Institute for Consciousness and Music and she is now a Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery (FAMI).

Nowadays she combines her job as a music teacher with the private practice of GIM Music Therapy, both individual and group sessions. She also offers group sessions of Expressive Movement.