Workshops by Title


AT  - Art Therapy
DT - Dramatherapy
DMT - Dance Movement Therapy
EA - Environmental Arts Therapy
ED - Education
MX- Mixed Arts Therapies
MT - Music Therapy
RES - Research

Thursday 14th September (Day Two)

14.15- 16.15

Out of the red… into the blue: Research in Transition
(Dominik Havsteen-Franklin  & Miriam Usiskin, AT)


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Friday 15th September (Day 3)

15.30- 17.30

Artistic Traditions and Neuroscience Transition: The Expressive Therapies Continuum Articulates the Art and Science of Expressive Therapies
(Lisa Hinz, Maria Riccardi, Joshua K.M. Nan, Kathy Gotshall,  AT)



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Saturday 16th September

14.30 - 16.30

Boxed Identity: Reflections on permanence and change in tradition
(Susanne Bifano & Susan Natacha Gonzalez, AT)


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