Thursday programme in detail

Thursday 12th September in Detail

AT  - Art Therapy
DT - Dramatherapy
DMT - Dance Movement Therapy
ED - Education
MX- Mixed Arts Therapies
MT - Music Therapy
RES - Research

Welcome and notices (Cervantes Theatre, 7, 28801, Alcalá de Henares)

9.15 - 10.30
Robert Romanyshyn
‘In Defence of a Quixotic Imagination’

Chair: Richard Hougham
(Cervantes Theatre, 7, 28801, Alcalá de Henares)

10.30 - 11.00

Break and Refreshments

11.00 - 12.30
30 minutes + 15 minutes discussion

Finkel, D (AT) 
Following the animal spirit guide: imagination as a transformative space...
Begbie, J,  McGregor, S & Polding, S (AT)
Group analytic art psychotherapy group for children in an in-patient psychiatric ward
Chair: Drew Bird
(Room Santo Tomás Actos

Herrmann, U (AT)
Transforming truths: reconstructing and deconstructing the elusive in art therapy
Danneker, K (AT)
Truly Ugly
Chair: Alexandra Hopf
(Room Auditorium)

Koch, S (MX)
Fighting windmills: How therapeutic factors research makes us humble
Kurstjens, H (MX)
Who are the windmills??? An aesthetical approach for dialogue positioning the arts therapies in mental health care
Chair: Harald Gruber
(Room Santo Tomás Formación)

Gerber, N (MX)
Arts-based research approaches to studying mechanisms of change in the Creative Arts Therapies
Robertson, A (AT)
The art of facing the unknown: a recent graduate’s reflection on education within the arts therapies
Chair: Jan Vandromme
(Room MA1)

Moriya, D (AT)
Windmills and words: Navigating between visual images and verbal expression
Abbing, A (AT)
The effectiveness of anthroposophic art therapy in the treatment of anxiety in adult women: A randomized controlled trial
Chair: Martine Haak
(Room Santo Tomás Reunión)

Morgan, A (AT)
Brave new frontiers: Using art to support experiences of role, relationship, identity and change...
Vitality affects in art therapy. A study about their occurrence and importance of individual inner change.
Chair: Marián López Fdz. Cao
(Room A1)

Musicka-Williams, A (DT)
No Innovation without Imitation: Exploring Adolescent ‘Copying’  in special education
Couroucli-Robertson, K (DT)
“When to call a windmill a windmill” - the story of a young man with Down Syndrome.
Chair: Mathieu Van der Straeten
(Room Santo Tomás Biblioteca)


Shuper-Engelhard, E & Vulcan, M (DMT)
Couple Therapy through Dance Movement: Disclosing Multiple Truths in the Relationship
Samaritter, R (MX/ DMT)
Arts Therapies facing the challenge: in search for the aesthetic
Chair: Nicki Wentholt
(Room A2)

CampoM & Panhofer, H (DMT)
Mowgly: Creating a (professional) identity from the perspective of Dance Movement Therapy
Aithal, S (DMT)
The unknown steerer of the windmill: The role of Dance Movement Psychotherapy with...
Chair: Celine Schweizer
(Room MAD4)

Łuciuk-Wojczuk, A (MT)
Profound music experience – true or imagined windmills?
Baker, F (MT)
Meaning making process and recovery journeys explored through songwriting in early neurorehabilitation...
Chair: Leslie Bunt
(Room MA3)


12.30 - 14.00

13.00 - 14.00
Book Market (Auditorium)
Today only the presentation of ‘Traditions in Transition’ by ECArTE 
The bookstall will be open every lunchtime.  Authors are invited to attend.

14.15 - 16.15

WORKSHOP BOOKINGS HAVE NOW CLOSED.  The workshops lists will be available on each morning of the conference in order to sign up where there are still spaces.

Albrich, B (AT)
An instable balanced story
(Room Santo Tomás Actos, Capacity 30)

Katz-Mazilu, I (AT)
"Windmills" - waving and weaving between fantasy and reality, fragility and continuity.
(Room A1, Capacity 30)

Hills de Zarate, M & Hunter, H (AT)
The Secret Life of Objects
(Room DA4, Capacity 20)

Aalen, M,  Benedicte Svendsen, K & Ziesler, A (AT)
Headwind – in search for a true image
(Room DA5, Capacity 30)

Schweizer, C (AT)
What you look at and what you see.Evaluation of art therapy with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders
(Room A2, Capacity 30)

Seymour, A
Using Theatre to fight with Giants
(Room DD1, Capacity 30)

Blum-Yazdi, D (DT)
Leelah – Play for Itself & the Aletheic Space
(Room DD2, Capacity 30)

Vaisvaser, S  (DMT)
Multifaceted narratives of the dynamic moving body
(Room DM3, Capacity 30)

Digrandi, C & Russo S (MX)
Reflecting selves and others. Making connections through images, words and movement
(Room MMA1, Capacity 30)

Sánchez Garcia, L & Pinna-Perez, A (MX)
Expressive Flamenco©: Finding my inner truth, my duende
(Room MA3, Capacity 30)

16.15 - 16.45
Break and Refreshments

17.00 - 18.00
Meeting for ECArTE member representatives, global representatives & honorary members
(Room: A2)

19.00 - 20.30
A performance and panel discussion of Sophocles’ play Philoctetes by The Awesome Puppet Company
Chair: Richard Hougham


Disclaimer : The conference Directors reserve the right to adjust the programme at any time if it is felt to be to the benefit of the programme.


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