Saturday programme in detail

Saturday 14th September in detail

AT  - Art Therapy
DT - Dramatherapy
DMT - Dance Movement Therapy
ED - Education
MX- Mixed Arts Therapies
MT - Music Therapy
RES - Research


9.15 - 9.50
"When I Draw my Last Breath" 
by Manizia Kajiwara et al
(Room Lope de Vega, Sports hall)

We request no entry to the performance after 9.15

10.00 - 11.30

Robles de la Vega, A (AT)
From a country at war to a shelter in Germany. Experience of Art Therapy with refugees children.
Pirotte, N (AT)
Exile, trauma, imagination: how can they be linked in art therapy?
Chair: tbc
Santo Tomás Reunión)

Hogan, S (AT)
Birth Shock
Peral Jiménez, C (AT)
Tilting at windmills: the approach to trauma through the artist's book and the life story
ChairAudra Brazauskaitė
(Room Santo Tomás Formación)

Gavron, T (AT)
Art-Based Supervision:The known and unknown. Why do we use art in supervision?
Partridge, E (AT)
Truth, trust, and laughter: Technology and art in the older adult context
Chair: Aleka Loutsis
(Room: A1)

Cseri, S (AT)
When the boat doesn´t dare to set sail
Hervás Hermida, L
Art therapy for motherhood and family. An attachment-based way of promoting positive parenting
Chair: Alexandra Hopf
(Room A2)

Haeyen, S (AT)
Promoting Mental Health versus Reducing Mental Illness in Art Therapy with Patients with Personality Disorders...

McDermid-Thomas, A (AT)
The Magpies’ Nest: Working in Nature with Forensic Mental Health Sevice Users
Chair: Gabriele Schmid
(Room Santo Tomás Actos)

Cherla, N (MT)
Skill Sharing in Music Therapy - Laying the Foundations for Greater Awareness and Community Involvement
Chair: tbc
(Room MA3)

Bergman, J (DT)
Tilting at Discrimination: Investigation into the audience response to "If You Can't See You Don't Know Me."
Jacques, J-F (DT)
Identification, catharsis and aesthetic distance in the performance of lived experience
Chair: Roulla Demetriou
(Room MAD4)

Moula, Z (MX)
A systematic review of child-focused outcomes of arts therapies delivered in primary mainstream schools
Bird, D (MX)
What role can myth play exploring the Buddha’s teaching on the existential nature of the human condition?
Chair: Di Gammage
(Room Santo Tomás Biblioteca)

Candel, U, Iglesias, L, Serrano Navarro, A (AT)
Art Therapy and Care Art Therapy experience in three Community Health Centres of the Madrid City Council
Holloway, P (MX)
Tilting at Giants: the effects of austerity on the psychodynamic tradition in public health provision – a  challenge for arts therapists
Chair: Daniel Stolfi
(Room Auditorium)


11.30 - 12.00
Break and refreshments

12.00 - 13.00


Alonso Garrido, M 
The usefulness of art therapy for emotional work in eating disorders

Bigaj-Zwonek, B (AT)
Visualization of loss and transience in the work of Polish contemporary artists.

Brazauskaitė, A (AT)
The Tree Image in Art Therapy: The Tree of My World. A History of        Personal Experiences

Doron, E & Sharir, H (AT/ MX)
Imagination and Creativity as a Bridge Between internal and External Reality

Heller, V 
Existential migrants and the Hero’s Myth: Imagining landmarks, re-creating the journeys

Hinkel, C
Wrestling with the Devil – the artistic exorcism of a PTSD-patient by questioning the unknown 

Ana Mampaso (AT)
Progressive mirror drawing in the formation of students as art cotherapists

Manthe, L (AT)
Andy Goldsworthy Inspired Nature Art Therapy : The resolution of trauma in adolescence

Miholić, D & Vidmar, M 
Project "Those Who Seat with the Wolf" - Arts as a media in the integration of marginalised groups 

Pitarque, S (DT)
Story of the origins : how going through fiction may help parents to share their story with their child

Zubel, J (MX)
MAD (Music, Arts & Drama) in a language class  

(Room: Cloister)

13.00 - 14.30

13.30 - 14.30

The bookstall will be open every lunchtime.   Authors are invited to attend.


14.30 - 16.30

WORKSHOP BOOKINGS HAVE NOW CLOSED.  The workshops lists will be available on each morning of the conference in order to sign up where there are still spaces.

Hinz, L et al (AT)
Trusting the Truth of Sound and Silence in Personal Life and Professional Practice:  The Ethics of Self-Care
(Room A1, Capacity 30)

Regev, D & Snir, S 
Arts Therapies in the Education System - Can trust be created between the different agents?
(Room Santo Tomás Formación, Capacity )

Willemars, G & Roefs, G

Will you join us and experience a specific method in Art Therapy, developed for treating sex offenders...
(Room DM5, Capacity )

Hougham, R  & Jones, B (DT)
Is it the Trees or is it the Wood? The play of projection, materiality and reciprocity in the therapeutic encounter
(Room DD1, Capacity 30)

Jaap Welten (DT)
The wondering knight; playing with almost forgotten idols
(Room MAD4, Capacity )

Lage, M & Suárez, L

"Not bedevilled nor colossal"
(Room DD2, Capacity 30)

de Witte, M

Meta-analysis in arts therapy research: from overall effects to the arts
(Room DM3, Capacity 30)

Liebmann, M
Using art with drama to bridge the gap of the unknown
(Room A2, Capacity 30)

Herraiz, M & Gómez, N (MT)
Music Therapy GIM (Guided Imagery and Music) and the exploration of the unconscious
(Room MMA1, Capacity 30)

16.30 - 16.45
Break & Refreshments, preparation for Plenary

16.45 - 17.30
Evaluation through playback theatre/ Plenary
(Room Auditorium)

Evening Programme

20.00 onwards

ECArTE’s Closing Celebrations are known for their rather informal ambiance with a flavour of creativity and the unexpected.


Disclaimer: The conference Directors reserve the right to adjust the programme at any time if it is felt to be to the benefit of the programme.


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