Lage de la Rosa, Marta & Suárez, Laura


Windmills, come to me!

Molinos, ¡A mí!

Marta Lage de la Rosa & Laura Suárez 

Inclusive theatrical performance by the Vertebradas, a group of 12 people both young and adult with and without intellectual or physical disabilities.

Which are our windmills? When we ask ourselves this question our fears rise at different levels mixed with other people´s expectations of us. So much we don’t know about fear. What appears to threaten us? Or is it our own fear of other people’s perceptions that we should feel?

We work from the ‘here and now’, empowering our sensibility to be able to discern between ‘the authentic’ and the ‘imposed’, ‘unknowing’ to create our ‘reality’. We put our body, mind, spirit and imagination to the service of this task. As enraged Quixotes (enraged armoured warriors), we battle against the expectations, against so many uninteresting structures for the creative process which make it difficult to live a creative life.

What happens when we knock down these expectations? Can we strip off? Or can we at least remain in a nightgown as our hero, with this clothing of modesty that we still keep to  protect ourselves slightly, so we feel that we will be able to come out almost unharmed from the battle?

We use different triggers: materials, objects, music, writing, texts, which help us to connect with our senses and to construct our own windmills. We allow these constructions to also speak for themselves and let them guide us on stage, towards the knowledge/discovery/acceptance of our fears.

And among windmill blades, Quixote;s, desires, fears, expectations and extravagances, we allow ourselves to arise again and share with the audience our findings, sprout of the soul, little grain of poetry, Cervantine inspiration.


Performance teatral inclusiva, llevada a cabo por el grupo Vertebradas, formado por 12 personas, jóvenes y adultas con y sin discapacidad intelectual o física.

¿Cuáles son nuestros molinos de viento? Al hacernos esta pregunta aparecen en distintos planos nuestros temores, entremezclados con las expectativas que los demás tienen sobre nosotros. Tanto, que no sabemos si ese miedo que se nos presenta amenazante es propio o es lo que se supone que deberíamos sentir.

Trabajamos partiendo del “aquí y ahora”, potenciando nuestra sensibilidad para lograr discernir entre lo auténtico y lo impuesto, “desconocer” para crear nuestra “realidad”. Ponemos nuestro cuerpo, mente, espíritu e imaginación al servicio de esta tarea; como Quijotes embravecidos, batallamos contra las expectativas, contra tanta estructura, tan poco interesantes para la creación y tan perjudiciales a la hora de llevar a cabo una vida creativa.

¿Qué encontramos al derribar esas expectativas? ¿Podemos desnudarnos? Al menos quedarnos en camisón, como nuestro héroe, con ese paño de pudor que aún mantenemos para resguardarnos un poco, para sentir que podremos salir casi ilesos tras la batalla.

Utilizamos distintos disparadores: materiales, objetos, música, escritura, textos, que nos ayudan a conectar con nuestros sentidos y construimos nuestros propios molinos. Dejamos que estas construcciones también hablen por si mismas y nos guíen en escena, hacia el conocimiento/ descubrimiento/aceptación de nuestros miedos.

Y entre molinos, quijotes, aspas, deseos, miedos, expectativas y extravagancias, nos dejamos surgir para compartir con el público nuestro hallazgo, brote del alma, granito de poesía, inspiración cervantina.



Marta Lage de la Rosa, artist, photographer, restorer of works of arts and university teacher with thirty years of experience as a teacher. PhD Prize in Fine Arts Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), Master’s in Visual Arts of Universidad Autónoma de México and Diploma Arts implementations for Social Integration, Art Therapy and Education in diversity by the UCM. She has made scholarship residences at the Spanish Academy in Rome and in Mexico where she has been working for five years. In the last ten years she has specialized in artistic education workshops with childhood, adolescence, adults and seniors with and without different types of intellectual, physical disabilities and mental illness.

She has been part of the Vertebradas inclusive performance company for two years.

Laura Suárez, Actress, theatrical director and pedagogue, she studied and began her career in Buenos Aires.  Having lived in Madrid since 2001, she has staged her plays and performances in Casa de América, Teatro X la Identidad-España, FIT of Cadiz, VI Contest for women directors of Torrejón de Ardoz, touring all around Spain and Latin America. She obtained a Mention of the Committee of Regions in Brussels.

She has deepened into acting methods exploring inclusion and the repercussion of art in the development of people and of social groups, developing an intense approach with workshops, in the Autónoma and Complutense Universities of Madrid, Caixa Forum-Madrid and Seville, center of Formation Waldorf-Spain, Rete OTIS- Rome.

Since 2005 she has directed people with intellectual disabilities in the Rudolf Steiner Association.

Nowadays she directs and takes part in the experimental company of inclusive theatre Vertebradas



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