Couroucli-Robertson, Katerina

“When to call a windmill a windmill” - the story of a young man with Downs Syndrome.

«Πότε ένας ανεμόμυλος είναι ανεμόμυλος- μια ιστορία ένας νέου άνδρα με σύνδρομο Down»

Katerina Couroucli-Robertson

In this paper I will be examining the story of Pandelis: his maturation, his artistic endeavors, his love for Maria, his planned wedding, including his passion for his best man, his dealing with bereavement and finally his accepting his sexuality and his ability to talk about it with me.

To what extent should one indulge a dream that can never be realized? How important is it for an individual to be made aware of reality? Pandelis believed that he was going to marry Maria; he had chosen the church, made the wedding list, decided where the bachelor party was going to take place and many other details. He lived this dream for at least four years. Most people went along with him, encouraging him to build his castles in Spain. His sisters, on the other hand, did not encourage his fantasies because they believed that he needed to remain in touch with reality. I felt that somehow a compromise could be achieved. Given that the date of the fulfillment of his desires was never defined, his fantasy was on-going, a permanent dream, which only others knew could never become a reality. Through Pandelis’ life and his participation in a theatrical group for people with learning difficulties, I will discuss the extent to which a therapist should encourage or discourage the fantasies of a client. To what extent is a therapist in a position to judge whether a fantasy is realizable or not and does he or she have the right to shatter a fantasy which keeps a client buoyant?


Dr. Katerina Couroucli-Robertson Reg. DTA, dramatherapist, psychotherapist, teacher in special education, supervisor. Full member of the British Association for Dramatherapists.  Founder member of the Panhellenic Professional Association of Dramatherapy and Playtherapy. Certified member of the European Association for Psychotherapy. She is the director of studies at the ‘Herma’ Institude of Dramatherapy and Playtherapy as well as a visiting lecturer at the University of Thessaly in the programme “Counselling in Special Education, Education and Health”.  She also works as a volunteer running a music and theatre group consisting of people with different disabilitiess under the auspices of V.S.A. HELLAS.


Recent Publications

Robertson, I.D. & Coroucli-Robertson, K. (2019) Before you let the sun in. London: Sphinx publications

Robertson, K. & Robertson, T. (2019) Dramatherapy, Psychotherapeutic intervention with children, adolescences and adults. Greece: Herma publications.

Robertson, I.D. & Coroucli-Robertson, K. (2017) Larger than Life

London: KARNAC publications

Recent Presentations

May 2018: First international Conference of the PanHellenic Professional Association of Dramatherapists and Playtherapists, organised and chaired the round table: We will have yet another happy day - trauma seen through the eyes of Samuel Becket.