Bunt, L, Zanchi, B, Stachyra, K & Clough N

Learning in a New Key (LINK): the development of therapeutic music and artistic resources for educators supporting vulnerable young people during moments of transition


Leslie Bunt (panel convenor) with:
Barbara Zanchi, Krzysztof Stachyra, Nick Clough (project coordinator)


Children and young people with traumatic life histories have difficulties accessing educational curricula and forming healthy relationships, with risks of potential mental health issues. These concerns impact on school attendance and patterns of early school leaving. Music and other creative therapists are still too thinly spread to work directly with all those needing therapy. New and indirect ways of linking up with educators enable more sharing of resources.

A collaborative European ERASMUS+ project involves experienced educators, therapists and researchers from nine different European educational settings and training/research institutions. The project empowers teachers by developing therapeutic musical and other artistic resources through training and dissemination events, resource provision and evaluation and impact studies.

The first year focused on developing creative approaches and resources to support the young people in making transitions between different spaces and times during the day as they take risks in moving across different thresholds. Examples included listening to short pieces of recorded music whilst drawing, experiencing live music in the classroom and exploring a range of small tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments in safely contained and well-known environments.  

Members of the collaborating team from Italy, Poland and the UK will provide a short contextual overview of the project.  They will share some experiences that focus on these moments of transition into and out of learning, and present some data collected from year two which aim to provide evidence of the impact of the musical/arts interventions on the young people. 

Themes for discussion will include: synergies between teachers and creative therapists when common professional aims are to develop safe and ethically aware practices and evaluations; boundaries between therapeutic intervention and consultative support; on-going supervision and ways of guaranteeing the wellbeing of the young people and the educators involved. The reports from each school setting will be diverse and provide a platform for discussion.



Presenter photo

Leslie Bunt: Professor in Music Therapy at the University of the West of England.  Qualified in 1977.


Nick Clough has extensive experience of directing university-based teacher education programmes. He currently supports professional development activities at Novalis Trust UK - a residential therapeutic setting providing care and educational services for young people with significant adverse childhood experiences.

Krzysztof Stachyra: Head of Postgraduate Music Therapy and Assistant Professor, Department of Music Education and Music Therapy at Faculty of Arts, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin, Poland.  He is President of the Polish Music Therapists’ Association, Polish Association for Therapy Through Arts and Co-founder of the Art Therapy Centre, Lublin.

Barbara Zanchi: qualified psychologist and music therapist, President of MusicSpace Italy and Director of the post- graduate training course that MusicSpace Italy runs in collaboration with the University of Bologna. She is an Associate Lecturer and research student at UWE.


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Leslie Bunt

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