Loutsis, Aleka

Gesture as a gateway to the imaginal realm

For the dreambody itself hovers between body sensation and mythical visualisation. Mindell.

Aleka Loutsis

In this movement masterclass we will experiment with five key gestures that are fundamental to the development of relationship. To yield, push, reach, grasp and pull (Cohen 1993, Loutsis 2017) are developmental actions that in relationship with another form our first experiences of trust, curiosity and adventures into the unknown.

The first of these gestures, yielding, provides the ground upon which we tread physically and psychologically into the world. The trust that is cultivated or broken in those formative moments shapes our truths.

But how might gesture enable another reality or truth to emerge?

In addition to informing how we perceive the world in the everyday, these gestures are a potential gateway between the personal and the collective. In the energy field of the imaginal realm, the shadow lands, a mysterious and unfamiliar knowing is waiting to be discovered, given form through spontaneous movement and active imagination.

Staying with and following the flow of our moving body, listening to the ‘inner body sensations and connected fantasies’, we will honour the truth or implicit knowing of our ‘dreambody’ (Mindell 1990).  We will pay attention to that which has been invoked and allow time and space for the resonances and reverberations of this other perspective to gradually land as we return towards the everyday. 

For this masterclass, previous movement experience is not required, only a willingness to engage with playful curiosity and an interest in reflecting upon what emerges from the exploratory process. Please wear loose clothing that enables ease of movement.



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Aleka Loutsis 
My background is in theatre working as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and artistic director. Interest in the healing potential of the arts led to my professional qualification both as a dramatherapist & dance movement psychotherapist. I have worked in education, social services and the NHS with forensic, acute and community mental health services and the National Specialist Personality Disorder Service. I am actively involved in mental health clinical research and have further training in working with complex trauma.  I teach the Laban Movement module at RCSSD and am a guest lecturer on other trainings in dramatherapy and dance movement psychotherapy nationally and internationally. I also have a private practice offering therapy and clinical supervision.

MA 2002, PG Dip 1995, Royal Central School of Speech & Drama.  Registered with HCPC & UKCP.  Full Member of BADth & ADMP.

Recent Publications
Chapter contribution in following publication:
Hougham, R. and Jones, B. (Ed.). (2017). Dramatherapy: Reflections and Praxis. Palgrave.

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