Paper Presentations by Title

AT  - Art Therapy
DT - Dramatherapy
DMT - Dance Movement Therapy
EA - Environmental Arts Therapy
ED - Education
MX- Mixed Arts Therapies
MT - Music Therapy
RES - Research

Thursday 14th September (Day Two)

11.00 - 12.30

Why do some people see the unseen? (Karin Dannecker, AT)

Revenant Meets Reason: Reflections on the Uncanny in Art, Therapy and Society (Uwe Herrmann, AT)

Lost in Bermuda? Revisiting a Mythic Triangle (Maria d'Elia, AT)

Articulation of Individual Art Therapy: a model for Short Term Art Therapy (STArT) ( Paola Luzzatto, AT) Presented by Maria d'Elia

Research Perspectives in Transition: Emotion Regulation Strategies in Art Therapy (Harald Gruber, Co-authored by Renate Oepen, AT)

Neuroscience and art-therapy: specificity of art-therapy contributions to psychotherapy (Johanne Hamel, AT/ RES)

A proposal for an integrative approach to art therapy (Mimmu Rankanen, AT/ RES)

An arts-based and relational phenomenological research investigating the production of meaning in autobiographical performance in dramatherapy (Jean-François Jacques, DT)

Envisioning Drama Therapy in a Mere 50 years (John Bergman, DT)

“Brave New Worlds: 2017 and beyond?” A sharing of arts therapists philosophy and ideology as together we manage transitions into the post ‘Brexit’ world. (Joy Gravestock, MT)

Playing to the Audience: A Music Therapy Research Project and Performative Arts Social Science (Becky White, MT)

Whole-child approach in education and the role of arts therapy in supporting the wellbeing of students (Edward Noon, MX/ ED/ RES)

Art therapy programs at the Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education in Warsaw (Aleksandra Chmielnicka-Plaskota, 

Arts Therapies in Transition: News from evidence-based arts therapies in prevention and palliative care and their potential mechanisms (Sabine Koch, MX/ RES)

Re-articulating the dance-therapeutic process from traditional aspects of dance practice.  Attune to needs and the transition to motivation (Ina van Keulen, DMT)

Creative minds: engaging with new techniques measuring biosignals and brain activity to investigate effects and working factors in arts therapies (Susan van Hooren & Dimphy Fikke, MX/ RES)

Confluences and Convergences: Developing the Creative Arts Therapy Research Unit (CATRU)
(Kirsten Meyer, Ella Dumaresq, Maya Ercole, Amanda Musicka-Williams, MX, ED, RES)

Aliens or Alliance? Re-evaluation of the domains of arts therapies in the perspective of mental health research (Rosemarie Samaritter, DMT/ RES)

Coming to Life: Short Animated Films Made with Children with Heart Conditions in Art Therapy Groups (Sheena McGregor & Izzy Morris, AT/ Film)

Paths in transition: A Perspective on introducing Family Art Therapy in Moscow, Russia (Christine Kerr & Anna Shestakova, AT)


Please note the following paper presentation slots have been moved from Saturday 16th September.
Biological correlates of visual self expression and art therapy (Girija Kaimal, AT)

Effects of music interventions on arousal regulation in times of stress: results of a meta-analysis. (Martina de Witte, MT)

Saturday 16th September (Day Four)

10.00 - 11.30

So many things in one brushstroke - the expression in the works of selected artists of Krakow 1950s and 60s. Beata Bigaj-Zwonek will follow her paper presentation in this slot with an introduction to her Exhibition of Paintings in room 111. (Beata Bigaj-Zwonek, AT)

Commencing a Bridge Between What Art Therapists Know and What They Do: A Review of Evidence-Based Art Therapy Practice in Mental Health. (Theresa Van Lith, AT/ RES)

Efficacy of Art Therapy in individuals with Personality Disorders cluster B/C: a randomised controlled trial (Suzanne Haeyen, AT/ RES)

Integration of Anglo-saxon dramatherapies in the French traditional psychoanalytic approach (Sandrine Pitarque, DT)

Teaching dramatherapists intercultural good practice through experiential learning (Ditty Dokter & Nisha Sajnani, DT)

Imaginary Journeys : A Phenomenological, Arts-Based Research on the Experience of Existential Migration (Vera Heller, AT/ RES)

Capacity Building in Humanitarian missions - Train the Trainer, Red Pencil (International) (Lama Majaj, AT/ ED)

Kaimal and de Witte presentations have been moved to Thursday 14th September.

Arts therapies’ role in the treatment of depression: Showcasing best research practice in the context of tradition and cultures
(Ania Zubala & Vicky Karkou MX/ RES)

Arts Therapies in community based treatment teams for people with mild intellectual disabilities (MID) (Martine Bootsma & Martina de Witte, MX/ RES)

Group music therapy program for recidivous inmates: developing emotional skills (Malle Luik, MT)

Music Body Spirit – Music Therapy: Psycho-Oncology Model (Agnieszka Luciuk-Wojczuk, MT)

A choreographic model for dance movement therapy phenomenological arts-based research based on the study of interventions for individual treatment of PTSD (Stephanie Lama, DMT)

Using dance therapy in approach to a child with sensory integration disorder  (Patrycja Wolak & Klaudia Węc, DMT)

Observation and transformation of the parent-child relationship: The joint painting Procedure (Tami Gavron, AT)

The changing world and the role of art in facilitating parent-child relationship (Maria Ratnik & Maria Kalasnikova, AT)

Art Therapy Draws On Space (Dianne Smith, AT)

The constant shifting of boundaries: traditions, transitions and reformulations in therapeutic practice ( Margaret Temple & Chris McVittie, AT)

Collaborative working, direct and indirect practices (Emma Maclean, MT)

EX-press: An Artistic platform for Transition- from Art therapy into the Arts and from artist to therapist
(Michelle Kurzenacker, DMT)

The Puccini’s Group and Cinema: The movie method of The Golden Dream as art therapy in psychiatric rehabilitation
(Enrico Marchi, MT)